Donna Wood  is Currently CUPE 1480’s Representative with WSIB Training to address the needs of members.

The points to share with membership are:

* WSIB has changed the net earnings from 90% to 85%,

* Do not give consent to the Employer for medical information which you have received from the doctor.  They never need to know the Diagnosis.  Employers will get the Functional Ability Form which gives them your restrictions and/or limitations,

* Always document all conversations you have with co-workers to whom you’ve complained, WSIB adjudicators and the employer.  Record dates, times, nature of conversation or complaint.  Continuity is important when adjudicators are approving a claim (i.e. doctor’s visits),

* Record what happened preceding the injury going right back to the start of your work day,

* get names of witnesses,

* report to the supervisor immediately,

* fill out incident report for every injury, cut, scrape, bump or fall, infestation of head lice etc. while at work.  This is the beginning of the paper trail that you will need if it comes to having to file a WSIB claim,

* DO NOT accept Labour Market Re-entry unless it is the last resort because once you are retrained under LMR, you would no longer be covered by your employer or union.  After 4 weeks in the re-entry, your wages will not be topped up and you are on your own.

* A WSIB claim must be filed as soon as possible but before 6 months from the date of injury.

* When returning to work and you are called into a Return to Work Meeting, DO NOT GO ALONE.  Take a REP with you.  Modified work has to be “Meaningful” work.

* Casual employees should report injuries because they are covered and the WSIB will look at your preceding 4 weeks of employment at 85% based on the money you made in those previous 4 weeks.